Hamilton Port Guide

Hamilton Port offers a lovely taste of British colonial history. The climate in the city is comfortable and the port is relatively close to the United States. At the Hamilton port of call, ships either dock in town, or are anchored offshore, depending on the length of the ship. The main area of Hamilton is very pedestrian-friendly and buses run on a regular schedule. Also, taxis are plentiful.


You'll find that Bermuda's dollar is equivalent to the U.S. dollar. Several gift and boutique stores are located on Front Street. The Clock tower Building also hosts several stores and restaurants and The Bermuda Craft Market has several locally-made furniture and art items.

Fiddlestix is the gift shop at the Crystal and Fantasy caves site. A number of fun souvenirs, gifts, and toys are sold. Trimingham's is a department store that offers quality goods at competitive prices. You can also shop at the The Bermuda Book Store for a wide selection of books about the local history or The Book Cellar also has a good selection.

Things to See

The Bermuda Maritime Museum is located in the Naval Dockyard. The buildings in the dockyard are built from limestone. The buildings were built in the 1700's. The entire complex is spread out over 10 acres. There are numerous exhibits on display, including old naval artifacts.

Cave-explorers will definitely have their needs met. Two caves, Crystal and Fantasy, are open to the public. Impressive rock formations in both caves make this an awe-inspiring experience. Walkways with rails make navigating the caves easy for all.

St. George is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. It's the oldest settlement to be continuously lived in by the British. The houses and other buildings are built in a nice British colonial style. The streets are covered in cobblestone and the gardens are very well-tended. If you're lucky enough to visit during the tourist season, look out for actors. The actors of the region reenact everyday life of colonial Bermuda in great costumes.

The Bermuda Aquarium boasts an impressive number of marine species. A coral reef replica provides a realistic home for the 200 species of fish there. Reptiles and mammals are also on display.

The Hamilton Cathedral was constructed in 1897 and is an impressive stone building. Catholic and Methodist churches are also located in the area. St. Theresa's, the Catholic Church, has a lovely courtyard. Grace Methodist Church is an impressive turquoise color. Muslims, Jews, and Baha’i faiths are also represented in the area.

Restaurants and Bars

Several restaurants are close to the port, although the restaurants that are inexpensive are a little further away from the town. Cafe Ole is the restaurant at the Crystal and Fantasy caves site, which serves light meals in a covered patio setting.

Bouchee has an interesting mix of Continental-style food with Caribbean touches. The Frog and Onion offers burgers and entrees with interesting British names, such as "The Bishop's Head". The dockside is the most popular place to go for drinks at night and The Swizzle Inn is famous for its rum swizzle drink.

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