St. George's Port Guide

Port St. George Port is the largest Bermudian port. St. George's is one of the first English settlements in the New World. It's also the oldest continuously inhabited English colony. The popularity of the town lies in the fact that it has been designated as a "World Heritage Site" by the United Nations. The town has derived its name from one of the nine parishes that comprise Bermuda. Even with increased developments in science and technology, authorities have not encouraged changes in these sectors in order to preserve the town’s historic character. St. George cruise port attracts a large number of tourists for its historic beauty and sparkling beaches.


Water Street, Kings Square and York Street are the two main streets for shopping where you will find many old-fashioned shops and franchise stores. In Somer’s Wharf you'll find the Trimingham store, the biggest departmental store in Bermuda. You'll find British goods like silverware, porcelain, tableware, fine china and crystal. You will also find liquors, perfumes, souvenirs, cedar wood gifts and antiques.

Things to See

The entire town is within the walking distance. If you choose to walk, you'll enjoy the tour all the more as you walk through the colonial streets of the town. If you opt for a walking tour, don't forget to pick up the self –guided tour map at the Visitor’s Bureau near the Town Hall. There are also buses and metered taxis. Several sights are worth seeing.

Deliverance on Ordinance Island is the replica of the ship that was built by one of the shipwrecked settlers. Fort St. Catherine is a museum alongside the beach and is a worthy place to visit.

St. Peter’s Church is one of the oldest surviving Anglican church (outside the Britain) in the Western Hemisphere.  It's also said to be the oldest Protestant Church in use in the New World. It holds worship services on Sundays at 11 am and is open on other days between 10 am and 4:30 pm

The greatest attraction in Kings Square is the Town Hall, where you'll find good old structures. Near the Town Hall you'll find the dunking stool where gossipers and petty offenders were dumped into the harbor as a sign of humiliation. A few minutes’ walk from there you will get to the Old State House, dating to 1620. This was the first parliamentary home of the colonial assembly.

Also try visiting the Somer’s Garden, Somer’s Wharf, Tucker House Museum, Globe Hotel and the Bermuda Snorkel Park.

Restaurants and Bars

The White Horse Tavern is a good restaurant in Kings Square where you will find some great lunch, or even English fish and chips for a lighter meal. Tom Moore’s Tavern specializes in seafood, French and Italian cuisine. This restaurant is near Crystal Caves in Walsingham and has excellent service and food.

If you are looking for a harbor view sipping some good Bermudian rum or ginger beer, then ‘The Patio’ along the waterfront is the ideal place. The Swizzle Inn is famous for its Bermuda rum Swizzle. It is an ideal place for hard core partying.


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