San Juan Port Guide

San Juan port lies in Puerto Rico, one of the oldest cities in US territory. The city is the home to roughly 1.6 million islanders and a multitude of, ‘I wish it were home,’ lucky tourists.

Founded in 1521 by Ponce de Leon, the capital city is steeped in history and will no doubt satisfy history buffs of all types. Travelers every year are drawn to its miles of smooth sandy beaches, fabulous shopping, delectable restaurants and exotic nightlife. Come and enjoy the good life that is the San Juan port of call in sunny Puerto Rico.


You’ll want to take a stroll down Ashford Avenue in downtown San Juan, better known as the hub of the city. If you are looking for an upscale shopping experience or a down to earth bargain trip this is the shopping Mecca for you. You will also find travel related ticketing and information, upscale hotels, financial institutions and cultural events, The Ashford really does have it all when you reach port.

Things to Do

Cathedral de San Juan is a must see for any visitors, history buffs or not. This spectacular Cathedral was re-built in 1592 on the same spot as the original that was destroyed by a hurricane around 1584. If the architecture itself does not fascinate you, the preserved relics of Ponce de Leon will. The cathedral is located on Calle de Cristo 153. You can’t miss it. You also won’t want to miss the Forte Cristobal, located in the northeast corner of San Juan. With its walls reaching a hundred feet above crashing waves it was designed to serve as a protection from any land attack on San Juan. Free daily tours are offered there in both English and Spanish.

Restaurants and Bars

When your stomach begins to rumble, it’s time to check out the uber cool, ultra modern Aguaviva seafood restaurant. The name Aguaviva means jellyfish and the place is as sleek and elegant as the exotic creature itself. Don’t save this for your last dinner on San Juan, because you will regret it. This one should be a mainstay while vacationing in San Juan. Most love a restaurant with a great name, and The Dragon Fly is one great stop. You will have to brave the crowds as it is immensely popular and does not accept reservations. This is a perfect time to chat with other tourists from all over the world or to meet some of the friendly locals. This unusual restaurant is an amazing mix of Latin and Asian cuisine, one you are not likely to forget.

While at the San Juan cruise terminal, make sure you have dressed to impress, as the locals have a flair for dress, both men and women alike. In fact some places may even refuse you if you show up with jeans and sneakers, especially if you are going to one of the more trendy discos and nightclubs. When it comes to bars, check out Liquid. Located in the lobby lounge of San Juan’s chicest boutiques hotel, Liquid boasts glass walls filled with undulating water and patrons drink wild cocktails to pounding music.






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