Walla Walla Port Guide

Walla Walla Port resides in the largest city in the Walla Walla County in the state of Washington. With an estimated population count of 29,686 inhabitants, the Walla Walla port of call is approximately 4 hours away from the main city of Seattle. 

Marcus Whitman was the founder of the city. A missionary in essence, he and his wife Narcissa Whitman were the first settlers who came into the region. Their sole purpose was to promote and expand the horizon of Christianity in the region. Walla Walla became a focus of railroad companies in the eighteenth century, thereby creating an outpost for travelers coming into the region. 

Surrounded with lush natural resources and views, the Walla Walla cruise port becomes a teeming center of activity during the summer season. With an economy based mostly on natural resources and agriculture, the Walla Walla cruise terminal aims to improve its facilities and amenities to provide better comfort to the cruise passengers disembarking at the port.


A land filled with a rich culture and traditions is what Walla Walla boasts. Most tourists prefer antiques as their main souvenir items; great nostalgic designs represent the culture of Walla Walla.  The Antique Mall of Walla Walla at 315 South 9th Avenue offers 55 spaces of shops and stores, all offering a great number of uniquely designed antiques and art crafts. Vintage clothes, shoes and hats are the most abundant gifts at this antique mall. 

For the fashion fanatic, the Saagers Shoe Shop offers a wide variety of fashion shoes. Offering great brands of shoes, the business resides at 111 East Main Street. Gift items like candles, candlestick holders and timeworks clocks and watches are available for sale at the Romanza Gifts and Home Décor. 

Things to See

Arts and culture form a great part of major attractions in the city of Walla Walla.  Located at 7 miles west of the town along Highway 12 is the memorial to early Oregon Trail pioneers; the Whitman Mission National Historic Site.  This memorial landmark recognizes an event that was known all around the country in 1847; it was an unfortunate event stemming from misunderstandings and tensions that developed between the pioneers and native Cayuse people. Another interesting museum to visit is the Kirkman House Museum. A distinctive architectural design is what makes this ancestral home one of the best attractions. It is open for visitors from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesdays to Saturdays. 

The Amavi Cellars at 635 North 13th Avenue is a fine place to fine some of the best wines in the Walla Walla port region. Amavi Cellars offers a display of wine production and offers wine tasting as part of the tour. 

Restaurants and Bars

Walla Walla restaurants serve dishes with a blend of international and local cuisines. The Homestead Restaurant offers fresh ingredients as part of its main courses. Fresh fish, lobster and crab are the main seafood ingredients. They also offer prime steaks and gourmet pastas. The Destination Grill at the Depot also offers regional cuisine flavors in their smoked prime ribs and handcrafted mixed drinks. 

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