Wilmington Port Guide

Wilmington Port in the state of Delaware began its ascent to major seaport player in 1923. Located in the exact location where Swedish colonizers first settled and created a local community, it continues to thrive to be a port of trade and commerce. Wilmington port of call has a berthing area of 1,210 feet with a land area of 105 acres. Annually cargo vessels traveling the region accounts for at least 17,000 tons. 

Wilmington has a rich history. Settled in 1638 by Swedish colonizers, they established Fort Christina in an area known to locals as “The Rocks."  Fort Christina, at that time served as the primary headquarters for the colony of New Sweden. In 1664, the area underwent a major change as British colonizers appeared and ruled the area for several years. 

A diverse culture is what many locals boast of when promoting their land. With technically nine historic districts and several natural wonders, the Wilmington cruise port convinces most cruise tourists to make the area a primary port stop. 


A city with a great sense of shopping standards, the city offers numerous areas and districts that are great for shopping. With homemade goodies and fashionable locally designed clothes, the Independence Mall near Oleander offers some of the best and cheapest items on sale.  For souvenir items, traditional gifts of keychains, sculptured woodcarvings and porcelain figurines are in the most demand by cruise tourists; these can be found in other malls, such as Mayfaire Towne Center and Shops at the Forum. 

In the downtown area of Wilmington, just near the Wilmington cruise terminal are several stores and shops ran by local businessmen. The Cotton Exchange and Chandler’s Wharf offer great items of antiques and rare art forms as gifts back home. 

Things to See

The Wilmington State Parks are the best natural resources for a visit. Technically four parks compose the Delaware State Park System in Wilmington; namely Brandywine Park, Alapocas Woods Natural Area, H. Fletcher Brown Park and Rockford Park. Each park offers hiking paths and trails fro nature lovers. The Brandywine Zoo and Baynard Stadium, locates themselves in the center of Brandywine Park. The Zoo charges an admission fee and remains open from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. from May to November. 

A great landmark for both locals and visitors is the Battlefield Memorial. A monument to the great submarines on display here signifies the maritime history of Wilmington. The Memorial also identifies the shoreline of the city. 

Restaurants and Bars

Seafood forms a prevalent ingredient in most dishes prepared by local restaurateurs. Crabs and lobster cooked in unique ways and flavors always catches your attention. The Bluewater Restaurant at number four Marina Street, offer great American dishes of baby back ribs, charcoal grilled fishes and oven-roasted fishes. The Bridge Tender in 1414 Airlie Road presents a waterfront view of the bay and offers great pasta dishes and main courses of prime rib beef, seafood lobster and pork dishes. 

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