Mozart Cruise Ship

Although it is more than 20 years old, the MV Mozart ship is still considered to be one of the most elegant river cruise ships in the world. It was redecorated in 2006, bringing a fresh air to the ship’s interiors. It mostly cruises European rivers, while it offers large staterooms for her guests.

A Mozart cruise is quite popular due to spacious rooms and six delicious meals each day; it is very popular among higher income senior citizens who enjoy cruising rivers around Europe. With the Mozart, you can sip your afternoon tea while you see the European countryside filled with medieval castles.


Similar to Mozart’s sonnets and movements, a Mozart cruise has very special components. A total of 6 meals are served each day. You may start the day with a tasty breakfast buffet filled with eggs, bread, meat and fish. You can have a wide array of fruits, steaks and omelets; this makes it almost impossible to be hungry aboard the ship. You can opt for a heavy meat lunch, or perhaps a light soup. Dinners are typically surprises, since they are paired with the night’s theme and based on the ship’s destination.

The daily ship onboard newspaper makes suggestions for appropriate dress at each meal.  It also lists daily activities and arrival and departure times.

Entertainment and Nightlife

Live music, presented by the Ms Mozart Trio (drums, piano and guitar), regularly entertains guests. Passengers can enjoy the ambient music, or perhaps pick up a few dance steps and slowly sway to the piano’s melodies. The Mozart also has the Don Giovanni Bar with beautiful rosewood décor. The captain’s reception is held here and there is an area in for dancing.

Passengers may also have their own private time in the library, or maybe buy some small souvenir in the ship’s boutique. You can prefer to visit the beauty salon for a quick haircut for a minimal fee,

The daily ship onboard newspaper makes suggestions for appropriate dress at each meal.  It also lists daily activities and arrival and departure times.

The MV Mozart is a smoke free ship but smoking is allowed on the Papageno Sundeck.


The Mozart’s rooms are another source of pride, in addition to the fine cuisine; she offers quite spacious staterooms at about 200 square feet of space. Two suites have over 400 square feet of space. The ship has 100 staterooms; 95 of these are on the outer side of the ship. Compared to other river cruises, the Mozart cruise ship definitely has some of the biggest cabins.

Typical rooms have separate places for sleeping and for lounging, while the suites offer even more. They have 2 twin beds, which can be converted into one queen bed, all with European style duvets and feather pillows. The living space has a couch, coffee table and a lounge chair, as well.  All of her staterooms have big closets and storage, equipped with mini bars and TVs.


The ship has a very casual atmosphere, which removes all the stuffiness of a bigger and more elegant cruise ship. You may take a quick swimming lap in the swimming pool. You can also stretch out your muscles in the exercise area, or heat up inside the sauna. The massage room also welcomes those who need to loosen their muscles. An hour of massage is available for about $80.00.

The sundecks have comfortable lounge chairs and protective covering for sightseeing during inclement weather.

Onboard Fees

Gratuities or tips on a per person per day basis are standard. Passengers may choose how much they wish to tip. Minimal costs for photos, beauty salon services and massages may also be charged. Drinks (alcoholic, soda and bubbling water) are extra. A soda costs approximately $3.75. Coffee and tea are included with dessert.

Travelers should note that an additional fuel charge is levied per person. The rate is $70 for a 7 night cruise, $100 for a 10 night cruise and $110 per 11 night cruise. Port fees will also apply to all bookings. All insurances are extra.

Taking the Kids

Although you may take children on your cruise, the typical traveler on the MV Mozart is older and without children. You should there not expect special programs for children.


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