National Geographic Explorer Cruise Ship

The National Geographic Explorer cruise ship, one of five National Geographic Expedition Ships and also a member of the Lindblad Expeditions, comes fully staffed with professional geologists, historians and scientific specialists to help make a travelers cruise educational as well as entertaining. Fully equipped with kayaks and zodiacs for further exploration, the ship's smaller size helps make it accessible to places larger cruises can't reach making the ship an amateur explorer's dream.

National Geographic Explorer Cruise Ship includes the following highlights:

  • Onboard undersea specialist operates a remotely operated vehicle (ROV)
  • 81 cabins
  • 148 guests
  • Open bridge policy allows travelers to openly interact with crew members
  • Fully stabilized enabling it navigate polar passages
  • Specializes in expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic


Dining upon the Explorer is a casual, but very social affair. Travelers are encouraged to intermingle and meet other explorers in the casual, single seating meals of the intimate dining room. The food is all prepared fresh and often includes fresh catch of the day cooked to reflect local tastes.

  • Alternative bistro option 
  • Every passenger is invited to an intimate dinner with captain one night on board
  • Open seating
  • Three course meals
  • Casual dining
  • Breakfast buffet

Entertainment and Nightlife 

The Explorer has a full-service bar in the lounge available, but the nightlife on the Explorer tends to end early so that expeditions can begin early in the morning. No pools or casinos are available, but this expedition boat makes up for it with educational resources.

The entertainment varies by destination. Local musicians often come on board to play music of the local area. Movies or slideshows are sometimes shown in the main public area. LCD and Plasma screens often display educational and entertaining programming related to the cruise including an underwater camera showing the world beneath the boat.


All 81 cabins face the outside of the boat providing excellent views from every room, with many rooms having outdoor access. All beds are single beds which can be converted to Queen size. Due to the boat’s diminutive size, all cabins are conveniently located near the dining hall and main public area.

Each cabin comes equipped with a desk, atlas and climate control. The bathrooms are shower only. Each room is custom made and thus has different square footage. A few rooms even accommodate single passengers.


Education and Exploration are synonymous with recreation on a National Geographic Cruise as well as Lindblad expeditions. Each boat is well equipped with cutting edge technology such as undersea cameras and microphones. Onboard crew members delight in showing passengers how the equipment works. On each ship are kayaks, snorkeling gear and many tools for exploration.

Most travelers will spend their days exploring the area, but if a traveler needs rest after a day of exploration, a library, lounge and a small spa provide comfortable relaxation areas.

A well equipped fitness center has bikes, treadmills, weights and more with an excellent view of sea and sky. Occasional expeditions will also feature fitness classes.

Onboard Fees 

Most equipment is free, but fees will be charged for any lost gear.

Taking the Kids 

National Geographic Explorer welcomes kids and has educational programs designed for European and Atlantic Cruises through National Geographic Kids Magazine. Cruises to the Arctic or Antarctica are not as kid friendly. The cruise offers discounts to travelers who bring children, but be aware that sometimes there will be few children playmates. Children with an interest in science and exploration may enjoy the cruise more than their peers with little interest in these subjects.

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