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$88 Per Person

In addition to Violaceous, you may make the acquaintance of Toddy Mot-mot, Rufous Piha and Grace Warbler. You’ll most likely see members of the Guanacoste family. And you should also meet Black Howler.

Violaceous, Toddy, Rufous and Grace are among the 400 (or more) kinds of birds that make the forest home. Guanacoste is one of a myriad of tropical trees. Black Howler is, you guessed it … a monkey. And exhilaration is just one of the feelings you may have as you imitate Black Howler, zipping through the treetops about 70 or 80 feet above the forest floor in interior Belize!

Replete in harness, helmet and hand gear, with your legs dangling free, you’ll find yourself sliding along a double (for maximum safety) cable zip line to each of eight landing platforms strategically located in the canopy of this lush tropical rainforest. The platforms, between 100 and 245 feet apart, all are equipped with handrails. The birds and monkeys are friendly, and a bit curious as to whom these large creatures are, sharing their habitat.

You’ll ride in air conditioned comfort for an hour to your “jumping off” point (more truth to that phrase than you might imagine), then spend the next two hours (or so) acting similarly to the birds and wildlife in the canopy. After rappelling (would I lie?) to the ground from the last platform, you’ll enjoy a local Belizean lunch at the resort's restaurant, fit for the hungriest canopy zipper.

Your meeting with Violaceous, et al, includes all transportation, gear, instruction and guide assistance, lunch, and water and soft drinks en route and on the site, along with fond memories of this truly high flying outing



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