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$1,300 group charter (up to 20 people)  (6 1/2 Hours)

About forty miles from Belize City, the Hol Chan Marine Reserve is a highlight for any snorkeler. It is an underwater park accessible only by boat and, in Mayan, means "little channel". This narrow channel holds a mulitude of sea life within this passage now, after almost total destruction in the 80s due to overfishing. The Belizean government created a reserve shortly afterward and today it is thriving with life. Vibrant corals and colorful fish are everywhere.

En route to the Hol Chan Marine Reserve is an underwater alley where local fishermen used to feed the sharks and rays that lived there. Soon this became a gathering point for these and other marine creatures and it has now earned the name of Shark Ray Alley. Although the word has spread about this phenomenon and it can be busy, it provides great fun as sharks, rays, and snorkelers jostle each other for food and photos. This has been named by Skin Diver Magazine among the 'seven best animal dives in the Caribbean' and, as a snorkeler, you will be able to rub elbows and fins with the sharks and rays.

A comfortable and safe boat will bring you to this destination. The ride out is only about 10 minutes and you will have approximately 40 minutes at each location to snorkel.

Afterwards, your boat will bring you to a lovely destination that we promise you will not want to leave - Ambergris Caye. You will have an hour and a half to have lunch at one of the many restaurants right on the beach, do some shopping at a variety of shops, and relax.



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