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Junkanoo is a loud and boisterous national festivity loosely derived from African customs. It takes place in January and in June, and the rest of the year is spent getting ready for it. Although the exact origins are unknown, it is thought to have its roots in slave celebrations on their only days off of the year. To celebrate, they decorated themselves with costumes made of paper.

Today, organizations may take a year to create their costumes, still of paper but much of it specially imported from Europe. Those fabulous costumes are on display at the Junkanoo Museum you will visit.

Your guide, Arlene, is a one-of-a-kind find. She is an incredible talent on her own and her knowledge, not just of Junkanoo and the culture of the Bahamas but of all facets of the island, is unbelievable. She will relate to all ages and will entertain rather than teach. With her, you will visit an authentic junkanoo "shack" in the historic district of Nassau, where she grew up. You will also participate in a Junkanoo workshop where you and your family will be able to create something - a hat or an ornament. Then, using native instruments like goatskin drums, cowbells and conch shells, you'll create Junkanoo music.

A 'must' stop for families and visitors who want to experience the 'true-true' culture of the Bahamas!



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