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$470 Per Person

Your trip starts in the sky, viewing from above the breathtaking fjord and the surrounding landscape. Multiple glaciers are viewed from your plane as it wings it's way along the northern escarpment of Glacier Bay National Park into the glacier laden Tsirku Valley. Landing is a snap and you will be introduce to this friendly crew and to the gold mine camp which once was the center of many dreams.

Explore a bit before you board your state of the art airboat which will transport you further upriver to a take out site on the river's edge. A 15-minute walk on a partially board-walked path brings you to our Glacier Cabin, which is located at the base of DeBlondeau Glacier.

During your time at this site your guide will escort you on a leisurely nature walk to the lake forming in front of the glacier. This is an active glacier, ever changing from season to season. You may see ice calving from the face of the glacier, icebergs in the lake, and crystal clear glacier pools as you leisurely traverse over the glacier moraines left by the receding glacier.

Upon returning to Nugget Creek spotting scopes are set up for your use in glassing the mountainsides for wildlife, mountain goat, brown bear and black bear that frequent this area. Additionally, a rocks and minerals display and a panning station are set up for your enjoyment.

Once again you will board your airboat to Devil's Elbow. A simple transfer to your raft will allow you to continue on past Devilís Elbow for a silent float through the heart of the Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve. On this portion of the river we normally see anywhere from 20 to 60 bald eagles feeding on sockeye salmon that are migrating up river to spawn at adjacent Chilkat Lake.

This is what Alaska is truly all about. It is unlikely you will see or hear anyone or anything but the people you are with, the wildlife surrounding you and perhaps the calving of the glaciers.



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