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$214 Per Person

First there is the excitement of taking off on water. A floatplane is a unique experience and seems to always glide effortlessly from the water's surface right into the air. It will take but a few moments to see the port of Juneau disappear and have the craggy ice-covered mountains take over your vision.

Your air tour is narrated and you will soon understand that, although everything seems to blend together, there are many forms that glaciers take on in appearance. It is a mesmerizing vision and before long, you will feel the plane descending as it follows along the Taku River.

Immediately, a calm will overtake you as you climb down the short ladder and enter a different world. The hub of activity is centered around the main lodge, where the home fire is always burning. And you are made to feel right at home.

Wander at your will, or grab one of the staff to take you on an interpretive nature walk. Relax and breath in the fresh, oxygen-rich Alaska air. It's about this time that you begin to understand the magic that has lured so many to this beautiful country.

In a while, a fabulous meal will be laid out for you and you can indulge as much as you wish. Fresh King Salmon, a rarity to taste so fresh, is the main attraction. But even if salmon is not a favorite (and we beg you to try this just once to change your mind on that), there are plenty of sides to fill you up. Homemade everything, from coleslaw to baked beans, freshly baked compotes, scones and cookies and, at certain times, a taste of reindeer sausage!

Plenty to drink including wine and beer and perhaps you should have waited to take your walk after such a feast!

You will be on land about 2 hours and in the air for 30 minutes on your way out and a 15-minute return. Whatever the weather, be prepared as it changes just as fast you blink!



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