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$119 Per Person

Your tour begins with a narrated drive through town and a photo stop at the picturesque Mendenhall Glacier. Once you arrive at the scenic kayak launch, you will receive brief kayaking instructions and be on your way. Your guide/naturalist offers lots of individualized attention, as the group is small.

As you paddle this area, your kayak-view will provide a unique sea-level view of shore birds, Sea Lions, Oysterdatchers swimming or Eagles fishing. Paddling through traditional Tlingit Indian lands can also add to a discussion of cultural history and contemporary life for Native Americans in Alaska.

Youíll enjoy a chance to stretch your legs on a wilderness beach where you will examine firsthand the intertidal shore and explore the tangle that is the forestís edge.

As you settle back into your kayak and begin the return trip, youíll feel youíre an integral part of this unique land and waterscape that was completely unknown to you just hours ago.



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