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$110 Per Person

The Mendenhall float trip, which begins on Mendenhall Lake just below the renowned glacier, is an exciting, yet mild, white-water adventure that can be enjoyed by visitors of all ages. From the lake, just prior to the down-river journey, rafters will enjoy incredible views of the 12-mile-long Mendenhall Glacier, which rises 150 feet above the water. Visible to the rafter are the medials and moraines and nearby towering peaks. You might even have the opportunity to photograph icebergs floating in the lake.

You actually begin your rafting experience at the tidal waters near the Juneau International Airport. You will spend the majority of your trip relaxing and gaping at the spectacular mountains that loom over you at nearly 7,000 feet above the river. Only for a stretch of about a mile will you encounter whitewater as you travel. As you approach, the excitement of a true Alaskan experience comes to life - just remember that many have been here before and no one has ever been left behind!

You might get a little wet, but rain gear, life jacket (you won't need it!), and boots are supplied.



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