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$80 Per Person

The Totems Tour is a visit to Saxman, a Tlingit Indian village, and home of splendid totem poles in a park-like setting. As we stroll through the park I'll explain the thriving Native culture and how the people lived in this awesome land long before America purchased Alaska.

Their lifestyle was fascinating! As with all cultures, a way of life is dictated by food sources. With an abundance of food from the rain forest and the sea, early peoples in Southeast Alaska developed complex and high art forms. We will see and discuss the artistic components and gain an understanding of this remarkable art.

With the totems as our guide, we’ll learn how to identify an eagle, raven, bear, frog, and beaver. Your guide will share with you, in pictures, the carving and steaming of a cedar canoe and the raising of a totem pole. And, as a special treat, she'll introduce you to her favorite Native Alaskan totem pole carver!

Our tour also includes an overview of Ketchikan's historic past. As we drive by Creek Street, known as far south as San Francisco for its bawdy atmosphere, we'll talk about its colorful side. And we'll discuss the Ketchikan of today.



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