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$94 Per Person

You never thought about snorkeling in Alaska? Neither did I, but people do it all the time. There's a whole other world waiting to be seen in the waters of Ketchikan.

Of course, with summer water temperatures from the 55 - 62 degrees, you'll need a little extra protection from the cold, so after being picked up at the pier, you will drive to the dive shop to be fitted for your wetsuit. Then it's off to the snorkel area, a secluded spot, where you'll enter the water from the shore. A mix of sand and rock at the water's edge, it's a gradual slope into the water that will be easy for you to navigate. The deepest you'll go is about 12' deep.

With your mask in the water, you will be treated to the sight of many types of invertebrates, including fish, starfish and hermit crabs. You'll also see kelp grass and orange algae. If you're lucky, you might even spot a dungeness crab.



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