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$343 Per Person

This trip is an adventurous 1 hour flying time with 30-45 minutes of ground viewing on Prince of Wales Island. Some light walking is required.

According to biologists, Prince of Wales Island has the highest Black Bear population anywhere in North America and it shows!

Just a twenty-minute flight west of Ketchikan, and we'll be in bear heaven. This wonderful island will serve as our remote destination for this breathtaking journey. We will be flying to a quiet watershed that is simply choked with spawning salmon. These spawning salmon serve as a summer staple for all Alaskan mammals. It is here that we will view and photograph the largest land carnivore in North America.

Prince of Wales Island is the third largest island territory within the United States, close behind Hawaii and Kodiak Islands. It is not a popular destination and is seldom traveled, which is why it remains a special area. The country's overgrown logging areas and many salmon streams are exactly the habitat that bears require to flourish.

It is always a pleasure to fly out to this wild island where bears walk confidently. We have put all the odds in our viewing favor, but we cannot guarantee perfect success. Success rate was over 90% last year.



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