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$1,170 Chartered For 6 People

We suggest you wear your oldest clothes on this tour, as you may get down and dirty as you participate in a most wonderful experience. You will find your captain a friendly and knowledgeable fellow when it comes to the sea and how to live by its "fruits". He will make you feel welcome as you board this roomy and comfortable boat and, as you head out for your catch, you will find the ride as interesting as what lies ahead. The harbor of Ketchikan is a colorful place from the water as well as land.

He and the crew will take you out to the area where crabbing is great. Here you will learn how to set your bait. The rings and bait will be supplied for you. The crew will instruct and help you as you bring in your catch. Then, after soaking, you will boil these sweet fresh critters for the meal of your life.



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