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$134 Per Person

First you will get settled into your jeep, either as a driver or a passenger. You will be navigating the old logging roads in the rain forest of the Tongass. The Tongass National Forest is a forest of lots of islands, trees, and animals. It's a place where eagles are commonplace and deers think they own the road.

You'll drive through dense forest and wooden trails. It is a glimmering rain forest full of glaciers, spectacular scenery, mountains, waterways, and thousands of islands separated by straits and channels. But, it is the size of New Jersey, so don't expect to see it all!

Your tour will lead you to an alpine lake, where a huge canoe will be waiting to take you further. Exploring the surface of the water and the shoreline will add another dimension to this, especially as the canoe itself is an experience. these canoes hold up to 20 people, allowing 16 to handle the rowing around the lake.

Along with a short, easy hike, this tour is an exceptional way to get to know Alaska.



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