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$84 Per Person

Pennock Paddling Adventure explores the wilderness, wildlife and historic waterfront of Ketchikan by kayak. Watch for leaping salmon, seals and whales as we paddle through islands in the Tongass National Forest. We visit an active bald eagle's nest and a salmon spawning stream.

Your departure on this tour will be immediately after receiving your basic instructions for these user-friendly kayaks. Your object is to island-hop, traveling in the protected waters around Pennock, Snow, and Gravina Islands. There is a comfort level to this route as you paddle along the shoreline, sometimes gliding under huge branches stretching out over the water's edge.

You should keep your camera handy, as the salmon will leap out of the water around the kayaks, tempting a hungry eagle. Salmon, you soon learn, are the treasure of the summer, attracting the wildlife and, therefore, your attention.

You will need no experience for this trip. The company has both double and triple kayaks available so your children can enjoy this tour as well. Center pods separate the paddlers on these fiberglass kayaks so the travelers do not have to paddle in sync. Dry bags are supplied to protect your valuables and raingear from any inclement weather. Children will enjoy both the use of binoculars and hydrophones to capture wildlife with both eyes and ears.

This is a very interactive trip. Surprisingly, jellyfish and starfish populate the waters. The end of the tour will take you along the historic waterfront of Ketchikan and, if the traffic will bear, also up Creek Street. The guides will make that decision.



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