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$142 Per Person

The first leg of your journey will be by boat, about a 20-minute ride. You will then transfer to land and receive a friendly greeting from your guides, who will give some basic instructions. Once comfortable, you will set out in your kayaks. The kayaks you are using have a center pod, which makes it unnecessary for the two travelers to paddle in sync. You will find it easy and, if you do this without a partner, the guides will find you one - perhaps even one of the guides!

Before long, you will feel comfortable looking around you at the wildlife, forgetting you are even in a kayak. Now you can observe the wonders of Alaska, with looming mountains and rainforest growth that comes right up to the shoreline.

The guides will know the action here, and will show you the Bald Eagle nesting sites that are active. River otters, Black Tail Deer, and even bear can often be observed during your kayak trip, most likely mid to late summer. Sea lions, Orcas, and Humpback whales often play a role in your stay on the water. The key to wildlife in Alaska is to find the fish, the source of life for these creatures. The upwelling of food in the water brings all sorts of critters.

The water is amazingly clear and you will be able to observe much of the marine life at low tide. We saw starfish, even in the winter months. The scenery is exceptional as well and dry bags are provided to protect your camera or video recorder but please bring plenty of film. The guides will be happy to record you as you are paddling along the shoreline.

In addition, guides will be carrying binoculars to share with the group as well as hydrophones so you can listen to marine life under the water's surface.

Just before your return to Ketchikan, you will be treated to a snack of smoked salmon and soft drinks.



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