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$84 Per Person

This tour adds one more dimension to the float trip, and it is good to note that it can be modified to handle all ages, from young to old. You begin with a scenic coastal ride to Dyea, the famous gold mining town. You'll have the chance to enjoy a search for the eagles' nests and porpoises playing in the water as your driver/guide initiates you in the lore of this area.

Then, before you begin your float trip, you will follow the footsteps of the old gold miners for just short of two miles. As no group is larger than 10 people, you will enjoy individual attention from someone who truly knows the area. As every group of more than five has two guides, we have the ability to separate those who may want a more level ground to tred. Knowing this, you may do this as a group of varying ages as seniors will take a nature walk while the rest enjoy a hike. The hike is up and down a hill on uneven terrain for the first mile, then on mostly flat ground for the remainder. You'll find that you will have lots of stopping and talking, with drinks provided along the way. Everyone will meet up together for your float trip.

The float trip requires absolutely no skill. You will don't a life jacket and rubber boots and rain gear as well if necessary. Your relaxing river float will be the perfect icing on a beautiful experience. Don't forget to have the guide take your picture with your camera.



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