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$166 Per Person

The day begins with a 20-minute ride by van into the once famous goldrush community called Dyea. At one time, this town claimed a population of 10,000 prospectors all heading up the Chilkoot Trail to the Klondike. The days gone by have left a natural beauty that allows you to take a beautiful ride of flat easy pedaling for about 1.5 hours. You will have a brief orientation on your bike and then you will be guided along dirt roads around the historic town site of Dyea. You will ride through a temperate rainforest, visit historic ruins and see the Chilkoot trailhead.

As you move out on the coastal tidal flats, you will see eagles, colorful wildflowers, and the spectacular mountains in the background. Now you will be ready to stretch your legs, and you will transfer to new guides ready to take you hiking.

The hike is up and down a hill on uneven terrain for the first mile, then on mostly flat ground for the remainder. You'll find that you will have lots of stopping and talking, with drinks provided along the way. This portion will last about 1.5 hours as well and it will lead you to the beginning of the raft trip.

The float trip requires absolutely no skill. You will don a life jacket and rubber boots and rain gear as well if necessary. Your relaxing river float will be the perfect icing on a beautiful experience. Don't forget to have the guide take your picture with your camera.

The finish is a return by van to the starting point. During the day you will be treated to a deli lunch and snacks of smoked salmon, cheese and crackers.



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