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$110 Per Person (Ages 13 and Up)

From the moment you board this vehicle, you will feel empowered, partially due to the stability of the machine and also because of the integrity of the guide. As you travel out of Honolulu, you will see the rolling terrain in the distance and, in no time, you will be off-roading through much of it.

It will be near the summit of the Pali Highway where you get the first hint of the other side of Oahu, a region so green and lovely that it could be a sister island to Tahiti. From the lookout, you can see its many beaches and bays, as well as gorgeous cliffs of the Ko'olau Range which actually separates the windward side of the island from the bustle of Honolulu.

You will head down this incredibly scenic area towards the water and Kaneohe Bay and travel into the southern portion of an estate referred to as The Ranch. This sacred land was gifted to a missionary and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. You will not only learn of its vast cultural background but of its more current place in the history of Oahu as the site of many movies such as Jurassic Park, Windtalker, Tears of the Sun and more. Here you will spend 2 1/2-3 hours as your guide gives you the "behind the scenes" details of the making of these movies.

Explore the ruins of the Kualoa Sugar Mill; walk through the Bunker Movie Museum; take in the setting of this estate. It is a side of Hawaii that many never get to see. All the while, you will be entertained by your guide, who knows every inch of this land.

You will have the option of an easy hike to the summit if you wish. If not, your time will be filled with other fun options.



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