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$118 Per Person to Drive, $99 Per Person to Ride

Known to all as the most physical and natural of the Hawaiian islands, Kauai is best seen by traveling right through and over the land itself. An atv is the best, and no doubt the most fun way to do this. Your tour will follow a briefing where you will become familiar with your machine and learn the safety lessons. Once you are ready, you and a small group of explorers will head out for the wilds.

Riding dirt roads and through the rainforest, you will see and hear sounds of life, even over the roar of your engines. Your guide is well educated in both the ways of the atv and the eco life of the island and will guide you through the Koloa Tunnel. You will soon find yourself on yet another movie set, as they are scattered throughout the islands, which provide such perfect backdrops for these films. Here you pass through the set for "To End All Wars" which starred Keifer Sutherland.

On to the historic Koloa Sugar Mill, built Chinese-style where oxen carts brought the cane to the mill for grinding until the sugar train took over. This is how sugar became king in Hawaii throughout the 1800s. See this ghost town from your seat.

The height of the tour, literally, is Survey Point, so named because it is from here that you will catch your Kodak moment. You can see the rolling terrain and the lush beauty that Kauai is known for.



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