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$63 Per Person

Beginner group lessons are available to virtually everyone, and there are very few limitations when considering the age, weight, height, or swimming ability of the potential surfing student. Prior ocean experience is not necessary. Group class sizes will range between 1 to 5 students per instructor, guaranteed! Students are outfitted with surfing booties, rash-guard shirts and beginner soft longboards which are included with the lesson.

Since 1994 this company has had the pleasure and privilege to successfully and safely introduce approximately 40,000 students to the awesome experience of surfing. These stoked new surfers have ranged in age from 3 to 77. They came from all walks of life and from all over the world. 95% of our graduates had never surfed before their first lesson, and stood within 2 hours. We attribute much of their success to the highly-developed methods of teaching and coaching and the world class beginner surf spot where we instruct. Students learn fundamentals for surfing much like they would learn from practicing Yoga or Martial Arts. We've had an immense amount of experience and time to develop a method of teaching based on fundamentals and principal areas of focus. Along with introducing 4 different surfing stances, instruction focuses on safety, navigating the surf zone, and ocean awareness. Our instructors provide patient professional instruction, excellent equipment, and the best waves possible for learning. Plus we love what we do!

Our shop is a trip in itself. Once you see it, you will know about all the famous people who have learned to surf here.



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