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$140 Per Person

This is a tour so well-known that many hear about it without even knowing where to do it. There are two tours a day, but the sunrise tour is the most famous as it starts at 2am and allows you to watch the sun rise. The midday tours, for those of you not quite so daring, starts at 7:30am. What you are really going to be doing is biking downhill for 38 miles along the side of a dormant volcano, yet you will be pedaling for only 400 yards.

You will be picked up and transported to the base station at the foot of the mountain. After a continental breakfast, you're off to the top of the volcano where you will witness the spectacles of the Haleakala crater. You will be fitted with the helmet, windbreaker jacket, pants and gloves and you will ride custom-built mountain bicycles. Every tour has the most experienced professional bikers along and an escort van to answer any need.

This enormous crater is 21 miles in circumference, 3000 feet deep and is large enough to fit Manhattan Island within. If you take the Sunrise tour, you will see one of the most spectacular solar displays found anywhere. Your descent begins from the crater rim. Each group follows a lead guide in radio contact with the chase van. Many stops are made on the way down, including places you will be able to purchase lunch.

This all sounds a bit dangerous so it was our job to find the BEST company for the job and we did just that. We found the originators!

Please note, though, that as romantic as this tour sounds, it is not for novices. You should be an experience biker to handle the switchbacks, which are extensive at the beginning of the trip.



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