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$227 Per Person (Price Increases with Weight of Individual)

This most popular tour will get you high above the beautiful island of Maui and fly over the most famous sites on this island. You'll get a bird's eye view of the cone-studded reminder of a once-active volcano at the Haleakela Crater and fly over the Oheo Gulch, located along the Road to Hana. The perspective of the town of Hana and the surrounding rainforest from on-high is both unique and memorable. You'll soar over the Northeast Coast of Maui with its rugged shoreline.

Since every one of our pilots are also certified Hawaiian Tour Guides, you will be informed and enlightened along the way about the culture and history of Maui's special places.

We had a choice at this hangar to take the standard yet gleaming A-Star helicopters or one of the new state-of-the-art ECO-Star machines the owner of this company helped to design. We were told that many people booked the less-expensive trip, but expressed their regret once they caught a glimpse of these unbelievable new "birds". We agreed once we saw them. They are in a class by themselves. Not only do they boast a quieter ride, but because the rear seats are individual, you have a little more personal space as well. The helicopter itself has much more window area making it easy for everyone to see in all directions.



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