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$104 Per Person (Minimum of 8 People Required)

This tour begins with a narrated ride to Lili`uokalani Gardens. These Japanese Gardens are named after Queen Lili`uokalani and it exhibits Japanese motifs in its miniature stone pagodas, pavilions, teahouse, and footbridge over reflecting ponds. From this site you will have an unbelievable view of mauna Kea, one of the world's tallest mountains, and also a perfect view of the Hamakua coast.

You will begin the ascent to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park when you depart the gardens. The park has 50 miles of good roads, some of them often covered by lava flows. This park is home to two of the world's most active volcanoes which makes it one of the most volatile areas on earth. Once inside the park you will stop at Sulfur Banks, where some of the park's most active fumaroles emit noxious fumes that reek of rotten eggs. Nearby you will see the nonsulfuric Steam Vents from which you may see steam rising from trailside vents.

A stop at the Jagger Museum will give you some information on the difficulties and dangers of studying these active volcanoes. You can also watch a working seismograph, which monitors the shifting in the area constantly.

You will smell Halemanumau Crater before seeing it. It is Pele's fire pit, a crater within a crater which measures 3,000 ft across and drops 280 ft to a smooth lava floor. A little further on, you will loop around the Kilauea Iki crater. This volcano erupted in 1959 with fountains of lava that towered as high as 1,900 ft. You will be able to look into the abyss, this fissure which is a mile long and almost 400 ft deep.

Finally you will begin your descent down toward the ocean. It is here where you will have an opportunity to hike out to the lava. We must say, though, that we do not guarantee hiking time or visibility at the time of your visit. On the day of your hike we will check with the park rangers to determine the current situation - and we will "speak" to Madame Pele in your behalf!



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