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$101 Per Person and $90 Per Child

This combination of Watersports and Sailing will give you all the opportunities that tropical water can offer. This 57'long luxury catamaran takes you first to snorkel over the wreck of the Berwyn, which sank in about 20' of water over 75 years ago. Lots of brightly colored fish will swim before your eyes, ducking behind sea fans, corals, and sponges as they flit about.

When ready, you'll move on to dry land, Carlisle Bay, that is. Here you will find jet skis, kayaks, wind surfers and banana boat rides for your pleasure. The beach crew will show you how to handle the "toys" or you can watch others play from a comfortable spot on the sand.

Late in the afternoon, when you are starving for a snack, a mouth-watering buffet will be served on board. Complimentary refreshments are served from start to finish. You'll feel so good as you admire the coastline as you sail back.



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