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$79 Per Person  (4 1/2 Hours)

Your introduction to Belize will come as you drive to your first stop, the Maya city of Altun Ha. There you will walk on the paths that an extinct people used thousands of years ago. Your guide will explain the plazas and the surrounding buildings and their history and use as you move through the area.

From this spot, your guide will take you to a less traveled highlight along the old Belize River which holds some surprises. You will take a nature trail, very scenic and very interesting, along the river where you will hear and see the famous howler monkeys who make their home in the trees along the river.

Then onto the largest city in Belize, Belize City. All the highlights will be on your tour and, if time allows, a stop here or there. You will see the bustle, along with historic Fort George, a variety of embassies, consulate homes, and an area called the Beverly Hills of Belize.

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