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Age: 55


Number of Cruises: 8

Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean

Ship: Anthem Of The Seas

Sailing Date: 2016-10-15

Itinerary: Bermuda

You should grab a cup of coffee or tea before you read this will take a while.

This was our only vacation this year. What a waste of time and money. What happened to dressing for dinner? We dressed nicely each night and saw people with jeans, tank tops and flip flops. Maybe you should bring back a formal night or two for each cruise?

Service was horrible. There was not a day that went by that I felt ignored by the staff. Staff members constantly cutting people off to get ahead of them in the restaurant without any apology or acknowledgement.

We waited at three different bars during different times of the trip with NO acknowledgment at all. Stood at the bar at the Schooner bar to order two glasses of wine for 10 minutes with NO ONE even saying hello, I'll be with you in a minute. They weren't really that busy either. We finally left and went to another place. Another evening we went to Boleros and carried in a glass of wine (almost empty) which we quickly finished and were planning to get another glass, and we were not acknowledged at all. Oh, then a guy came and cleared our glasses without a word to hello, no "would you like another", nothing at all. We sat there for at least 30 minutes with no glasses on our table without any employee offering us anything. The band was not bad so we wanted to stay and listen. Lucky for me, I had a water bottle with me. And sadly the staff members missed out on tips (we did not buy the drink packages so they could have gotten gratuity from us---). The bar staff ignored us the entire trip. We always had to go to the bar to order. Not once did anyone come to offer us anything or even acknowledge us. Seriously....not once in any of the bars.

Ok so you have the idea that the service was really really bad, the food was really really bad.

Debarkation was also very strange. On our prior cruises, there were employees and lots and lots of signs around and people were there to help, answer questions and direct people. We saw three people during our "self-carry" exit from the ship. One, which we sought out in the theater and we asked her what to do and she said, go to the next floor down. We exited the elevator and there were no signs saying where to go. We walked aroud the corner and there was a line there...line for what? WE had know idea? We asked someone in front of us who said they hoped it was the line to leave. About half way through the line, there was finally someone that we asked if this was the right line. When my husband commented that it would have been nice to have someone at the end of the line to tell us if we were in the right line or not, the employee made a snarky remark that he was there now and we were in the right line (thank goodness as we had already stood in this line for 10 minutes). As I approached the podium to scan my card to leave, an employee CUT ME OFF and walked in front of me to leave. The woman at the podium said ,"see you later steve" or like that and never acknowledged me at all. I scanned my card and walked out. Like I said before. 80% of your employees need lessons in manners and customer service.

We reviewed our account and saw that we had been triple charged for two items. When we went to guest services, the guy who waited on us there questioned us...really???? We had two glasses of wine, one each. We can count. We had not even been in one of the places where we were charged.

State Room was lovely. Very clean and Stevie Young did a nice job keeping it clean and stocked with necessary items. We don't require a lot of cleaning but he did a good job maintaining the cleanliness.

Weather was nice. And in spite of the prior week's hurricane, the islands were well cleared for the most part. We did not do any ship sponsored activities in Bermuda. The guys passing out water while waiting in line to re-board on Tuesday was a nice touch.

Food was plentiful but never hot. "Chef's" were clueless about ingredients. Table bussers used guest napkins to wipe off tables. We sent in the food allergy form very early. No one told us that we needed to request menu and order the day before until day three. Allergy selections were very limited. Basically, could not order anything premade, including just about all desserts.

Food in the "free" restaurants was boring, tasteless and limited with selection. My husband's prime rib and my strip steak at Chic had the same weird gravy on both dishes. I've never heard of serving prime rib with gravy...what happened to au jus or horseradish? they offered mashed potatoes which I don't care for, so I asked for veggies. Broccoli was just steamed broccoli...nothing else..not even salt or pepper. Husband asked for the "special" potatoes which looked like long tater tots. In a Chic restaurant they are serving freaking tater tots??? Dessert options too limited, especially for nut allergy clients--creme brulee or ice cream.

Korean BBQ at Silk was basically a pot roast with gravy on it and a piece of bok choy to make it look asian. Virtually no asian taste to it at all. After three meals in the "nicer" and "free"restaurants, we thought about trying American Icon, but decided against it...didn't want to go hungry four nights in a row! (ok, we did go and get cold cut sandwiches from the deli because by the time we got out of the other restaurants, the windjammer was closed). Yum! We paid over $200 a day for cold cut sandwiches and an apple each evening.

Speaking of the windjammer, very rarely were the tables actually wiped off by the staff...they used dirty guest napkins to brush off crumbs, grab the dishes and they were on their way. GROSS! No amount of hand washing will prevent germs if the staff is using USED NAPKINS to wipe off the tables. If a health department official had seen that...well, now I guess we can understand why cruise ships have sanitation problems and rampant illnesses spreading amongst the guests. Washy washy should apply to the employees too!

I asked one chef if the lentil salad had nuts in it (I couldn't tell by looking at it if they were nuts or mushrooms). He said no nuts. I scooped some on my plate and my husband saw the walnut in it.. toss that plate of food. Even after approaching the chef to tell him he was wrong, he brushed my husband off.

Have you ever thought to label food with common allergens? Maybe also to display signs telling guests not to use utensils for anything other than the food it is in? Pretty simple solution? Or easier to pay the insurance settlement if someone gets sick or dies?

And the food wasn't pretty at all either. You'll never win a plating competition with any of the meals. They look good on the website and then they slop it onto the plates when it is really served.

Clean and spacious cabin. Steward did a nice job until the last day when he only left one towel for us.

Shows...we walked out of "the gift" which seemed to be a conglomeration of a bunch of songs that someone liked so they fashioned a weird "story" around them. Weird and boring. We Will Rock You was fun and upbeat. Actors and singers did a nice job and the costumes were tasteful and appropriate.

Pool area was clean and towel attendants were friendly.

Trivia game was fun. (even though no one offered us anything to drink). Bands were good. We liked the guitar player (Bob?) a lot. We enjoyed the North Star, employees were nice there. I did the rip cord and it was fun, although short. Employees were nice there. and I do understand that it had to be a short experience so that others would have time to try it too.

Sales and raffles were pretty standard and expected. Shops were nice. Employees of the shops were not overbearing or attentive, which I like. We enjoyed looking at the art around the ship.

We did not participate in any cruise sponsored excursions.

All in all we walked off this ship saying we will never cruise with Royal Caribbean again. Our total cost was about $3500 for 5 days for two people due to having to pay for food. We have never had to go outside of the regular restaurants and pay for food on any cruise before this one.

This was a huge expense for very little relaxation. Very stressful for me due to the horrible attention to my nut allergy. The true test was when I got home and had not gained even an ounce...

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