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SeaDream Yacht Club is an innovative, new yachting company that operates the twin, ultra-luxury mega yachts SeaDream I and SeaDream II. When they were originally introduced they soon became the prototypes of the casual and intimate yachting experience. SeaDream Yacht Club has built upon this legacy and today the two sleek and rakish SeaDream yachts are highly acclaimed by discerning travelers seeking a unique seagoing experience and by travel industry observers everywhere. SeaDream Yacht Club was founded in September of 2001 by Norwegian entrepreneur Atle Brynestad who founded Seabourn Cruise Line and Larry Pimentel, who was President of Seabourn under Brynestad and later President and CEO of the merged companies Cunard-Seabourn. Pimentel is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of SeaDream and a co-owner. As Sea Dream's Chairman says "We are not a cruise line. We are a yacht company and we provide a yachting experience." Yachting features an open and unstructured ambience that provides guests the ability to fulfill their own dreams call them "seadreams" if you will at their own pace and in their own style. We like to express this as "No clocks, no crowds, no lines, no stress." The key word for the SeaDream yachting experience is "unstructured. It's all about personal choice. Think of it as a free form holiday in which guests fall into a "seadream" and believe that they are aboard their own yacht. That's why we say SeaDream is a yacht company; not a cruise line.
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  • alexandra cruiser  SeaDream I  adriatic sea

    This was my first SeaDream cruise and sadly, my last. Many problems with ship, especially the staterooms. The lack of balcony or windows that open, being the deal breaker for us. The food and... read more

    21 users found this review helpful.
  • David Jackson  SeaDream II  Trans Atlantic

    Revamped Seabourn/Cunard Sea Goddess 2. Company publicity cites cruise experience improved. Sailed many times on Goddess and you are assured this is truly inferior. The ships have been nicely... read more

    46 users found this review helpful.

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