Arabian Sea Cruise Highlights

An Arabian Sea cruise provides a taste of the exotic and an interesting glimpse into ancient history. These cruises are especially favored by European travelers, as they allow them to visit exotic locales without an extra long flight. Cruises to the Arabian Sea are ideal for couples or groups of adults. Most are 8 or 9 nights in duration. Some of the more popular destinations on these cruises include Dubai, Bahrain, Muscat, Kish Island, and Mumbai. Some of the reasons why an Arabian Sea cruise may be a good option for you are highlighted below.


Dubai is a city filled with modern wonders and ancient traditions. There aren't many cities where it's possible to see some of the world's tallest buildings alongside stone mosques hundreds of years old. Burj Khalifa, one of the skyscrapers, has a restaurant on its 122nd floor and an observation deck on its 124th. For a taste of old world charm, visit the Dubai Museum, housed in the former Al Fahidi Fort. Several archaeological artifacts are on display, along with musical instruments and household items used by the desert tribes.

If shopping and dining are ideal activities for you, you'll find plenty of both in Dubai. Four major shopping centers are within walking distance of the cruise port, including the Abu Hail Shopping Centre. The restaurant selection is truly multi-national. From upscale South African steakhouses to beachside Italian restaurants, there's something for every taste. There are a few cocktail bars around, although only a few of the restaurants serve alcohol.


Oman's largest city is a major historical and cultural attraction. Palaces and mosques are a major attraction in Muscat. Al Alam Royal Palace, though closed to visitors, can easily be photographed from the outside and sits in between two imposing fortresses. These twin fortresses used to protect the city from pirates. The Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque is an impressive piece of Arabic architecture, and is open to both Muslim and non-Muslim visitors.

Muscat's best shopping is found in the the souks, or open-air markets. These marketplaces are the best source for local crafts, especially the coveted Omani silver. Muscat has a good selection of restaurants, ranging from friendly neighborhood pubs with dancing to upscale restaurants with candlelit courtyards.


One of India's largest cities, Mumbai is home to several attractions that cruise passengers are sure to enjoy. The Gateway of India is one of the top attractions. The concrete and basalt building features both Hindu and Muslim influences. A nearby island that's reachable by ferry is Elephanta Island. This island has several caves visited and used by Hindus in the area. The carvings are 800-1000 years old.

For a taste of the area's exotic produce, be sure to buy from one of the food stall vendors at Elephanta Island. The Mahatma Jyotirao Phule Market is Mumbai's main marketplace. Souvenirs and imports are both found here, as well as local produce.

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