Baltic Sea Cruise Highlights

Most of the Baltic Sea Cruises cover the mainland of Europe, Scandinavian Peninsula and the Danish Islands. The Baltic Sea cruises are sometimes called the Northern Europe cruises and the Scandinavia cruises. These cruises are of different lengths from 4 to 16 nights. They cover a wide range of destinations such as Oslo, Stockholm, Visby, Helsingborg, Goteborg, Helsinki, St. Petersburg, Kiel, and Copenhagen.

The Baltic Sea cruises start from capital cities such as Copenhagen, Stockholm and London while some of them start from Keil in Germany and some from Amsterdam. You can choose from a wide range of cruises depending on the destinations you would like to touch while sailing. But some of the great destinations touched by all of these Baltic Sea cruises are: Copenhagen, St. Petersburg and Stockholm.


Being the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen is a mix of cultural heritage and metropolitan, where you can find a lot of lakes, canals and beautiful architectural buildings; at the same time enjoy great shopping and dining at cozy caf├ęs.  You find that the city is full of pedestrian streets and squares with large variety of shops. You will also come across many parks in the small town which makes Copenhagen one of the greenest capitals in Europe. Visit the Little Mermaid which lies at Langelinie in Copenhagen's harbor. This statue is a world's most photographed statue which is maintained in the honor of the author Hans Christian Anderson who wrote the fairy tale the little mermaid. This statue is the national landmark in the city. Do visit the National Museum where you will be able to trace the history of the Danish Kingdom. Visit the Trivoli Garden which is called the fairy tale amusement park and is one of the world's oldest amusement parks. You can also take some boat tours through the canals to have a great view of the city.

St. Petersburg

If you are someone who love artworks and artifacts then St. Petersburg is a place you would love to visit. Throughout the city there are lot of palaces and museums which reveal the history of Russia. Some of the places you should not miss are:

  • St. Petersburg Hermitage Museum - This museum as a lot of galleries of old masters. 
  • Peter and Paul's Fortress - Houses some of the famous Russia's historical prisons. It also includes a Prison Museum and Peter and Paul Cathedral.
  • Lazarus and Tikhvin Cementries - Some of the famous artists, writers and composers of Russia are buried here.
  • Other must sees places are: Catherine Palace, Church of our Savior on the split blood and Kizhi Island.


The city of Stockholm is a legend by itself. You will see the beautiful architecture of the 13th century in narrow streets and the buildings there in. The best place to start the tour in Stockholm is in Gamla Stan which is an old town. This town houses some of the famous buildings such as the largest Loyal Palace (of King Carl XVI Gustav) in the world, the Riddarholm Church, the Storkyrkan Cathedral (13th century) and the Nobel Museum of 20th century. You can take a walking tour in this small town and get to see a lot of green parklands, many waterways criss-crossed by bridges almost in every corner of the town. It is also a great place for shopping especially for fashion stores, handicrafts, famous crystal designs and souvenirs.

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