Birthday Cruise Highlights

Birthday Cruise is the ultimate way to spend your special day, and the cruise lines want you to celebrate in style. Everyone has a dream place that they've always wanted to see and your birthday is one of the best opportunities. If a week long cruise isn't an option, you can still celebrate and have a memorable experience. A cruise for two or three hours may be what you want. The amount spent is important because you must consider the number of guests, and the length of the cruise, which will determine the size of the boat. In some cases, each guest may be charged a minimal fee, so that should be taken into consideration before planning the event.

Here are some Birthday Cruise Highlights:

Special Birthday Incentives

Register with a cruise line that has Birthday Club Memberships or special free birthday cruises. Choose a one to three day cruise, a week long cruise, or even a dinner cruise. Among the exciting cruises to choose from are Los Angeles to Ensenada, Florida to the Bahamas or Nassau, Florida to Cozumel, and British Columbia to Alaska. Discovery Cruise Line offers a free cruise for the month of your birthday when accompanied by another adult who pays full fare. All the amenities are included. The cruise includes a casino, entertainment a pool, and a disco.

Theme Birthday Parties

The fun part of a birthday cruise is that you can be as creative as you want to be. Whether the party is for you or someone else, planning is part of the fun. Birthday themes can feature the decade the person was born in or their favorite decade. It could be a Mardi Gras theme, a casino cruise, a beach party, a pirate party, or a luau. You can book a music cruise with food that fits the theme. Other themes are "ghost cruises," or "mystery cruises" where a member of the crew or a guest is "murdered" and the party goers solve who the murderer is. Party planners on cruise lines arrange everything including the food, decorations, and entertainment to make the birthday celebration memorable.

International Location

Nautical birthday parties are becoming more popular, and there are so many destinations to choose from. Here are some great international locations. Sydney, Australia's popular birthday cruise is on board the Sydney Showboat. A three-course dinner and a live show are part of the fun. A disco cruise is another option when you're celebrating your special day in Sydney. Decorations, special beverage packages, and even karaoke when a DJ is booked for the event, are some of the options. Visiting London? Plan a cruise down the Thames with a few of your best friends and enjoy a delicious buffet, drinks, and live music. Californians are known for their innovative ideas, and planning nautical birthday parties is no exception. A Dolphin and Whale Birthday Cruise is something that not only kids, but adults who are nature enthusiasts will love. Large viewing areas allow cruisers the best opportunity to see large pods of whales and dolphins. For a birthday cruise that you'll never forget, Disney World offers evening waterway cruises with the theme parks adorned with millions of sparkling lights. Cake and ice cream are provided for your guests, and when you dock, you'll see a spectacular fireworks display.

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