Cruise to Nowhere Highlights

cruise to nowhere is a perfect option for the seasoned or first-time cruiser who wants a short vacation while enjoying a shipboard experience. Rather than visiting several ports of call, the ship sails to international waters where casinos and shops can be opened, then follows a course at sea for the duration of the cruise. Since the ship doesn't visit several ports, more activities are available for passengers to enjoy. Some of the cruise lines debut new ships to the line on cruises to nowhere. These shorter cruises are also fillers between longer or repositioning cruises.
A Low Cost Mini Vacation
One of the best features of a cruise to nowhere is that it's a great way to experience cruising for the first time, or to have a weekend getaway without spending a lot of money. Finding a cruise that leaves from a port close to your home is easy, since these cruises are offered by so many lines.
What makes these cruises low cost in comparison to other vacations? First, you only have to deal with costs associated with getting to and from the port. There won't be any shore excursion prices to worry about, as you'll be at sea the whole time. With the exception of surcharge-based restaurants, all your meals are included. You also don't have to worry about booking hotel rooms, either, or packing and unpacking.
Unlimited Activities
The focus of a cruise to nowhere is totally on activities onboard, since preparations don't have to be made for visiting several ports. Late night dancing and music, luxurious spa treatments, delicious cuisine, and relaxing by the pool are among the activities to take advantage of.
The ship's nightlife is always a lot of fun, and a cruise to nowhere often offers special shows. Spa treatments are ideal during cruises to nowhere, since you'll have more time to enjoy them. Take advantage of extra meal seatings while onboard all day, or relax and do nothing. It's all up to you. Why not get the most out of your vacation by doing the activities that interest you the most?
More Opportunities to Socialize

A typical cruise that centers around ports has a lot of excursions available, but leaves you with less time to get acquainted with your fellow cruisers. One of the best parts of a cruise can be the new friends that you make. A cruise to nowhere provides more opportunities to meet people, as you'll be on the ship during the whole cruise.
Daytime activities typically include trivia games, bingo and card games. These provide opportunities to get to know your fellow players. If the various craft activities onboard interest you, this is another fun way to meet new people. The more leisurely pace allows you to spend more time exercising or enjoying the pool. You'll find other people you just might want to stay in touch with very easily in these settings.
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