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dinner cruise is an ideal experience for those who like to be out on the water, but don't have the time commitment for an overnight cruise. Dinner cruises are offered in just about every major port city, including Boston, San Francisco, New York, Tampa, San Diego, and Charleston. Many of these cruises combine dinner with some form of entertainment, and dinner whale watching cruises are popular. A dinner cruise can be an ideal way to commemorate some special event. Here are some of the highlights of a dinner cruise:

Beautiful Harbor Destinations

Dinner cruises are an ideal way to experience some of the United States' most scenic cities. The East Coast has several great options. Boston's Harbor is one of the prettiest in the country. A dinner cruise in Boston allows you to see some of the country's oldest historic sights. A New York cruise is perfect for those who love NYC's cosmopolitan sights. New York by night is very impressive. Should you choose Charleston, you'll get to experience Southern culture, as well as see some beautiful homes.

If you're on the Gulf Coast of Florida, a Tampa dinner cruise is a fun way to spend an evening. Those who are in California also have some good dinner cruise options. San Diego dinner cruises offer some good opportunities to spot whales. A cruise in San Francisco Bay allows visitors to really experience the city's beauty.

Fun Entertainment

Many people associate dinner cruises with a simple meal and uninspiring narrations. However, most dinner cruises offer a lot of fun, as well as first-rate cuisine. Live jazz or classical groups often provide musical entertainment. Dance floors are provided on many of the ships to allow you to get the most out of the musical experience.

A murder mystery cruise allows passengers to become participants in the story. You'll get to have a lot of fun trying to find out who the murderer is. Guided tours of the local waterfront area are a staple of many dinner cruises. Local tour guides will often provide interesting insights about the area and its history. Another interesting bit of entertainment provided with many dinner cruises is whale watching.

Ideal for Special Events

Dinner cruises are good settings for corporate events, such as holiday parties. They provide a relaxing, enjoyable atmosphere. One of these cruises could also be privately booked for a special event such as a family reunion. This would make your event truly unforgettable. Many cruise lines now offer dinner cruises on special days such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, and New Year's Eve.

Couples can also easily use a private dinner cruise as a setting for a wedding reception. With a receptive member of the clergy or other officiant, a couple might be able to have their ceremony onboard as well. Many lines offer all-inclusive packages to make planning your wedding easy. Pre-wedding parties and showers can be hosted on many ships.

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