Indian Ocean Cruise Highlights

One of the most exciting features of an Indian Ocean cruise is that visitors can cruise the entire ocean or have a relaxing cruise in one of the archipelagos, so the experience can be totally customized for every visitor to the region. You can stay on one island, spend the time exploring and snorkeling on the coral reefs, or explore various archipelagos on a longer cruise. You can dive to the coral reefs and explore nature preserves all in the same day. The cost of an Indian Ocean cruise can be less expensive than other trips since many of the islands are much easier to reach by sea, so embarking on a cruise can bring you to areas that few travelers ever experience, while remaining within your budget. Much of the wildlife can only be found on a particular island which makes it even more unique than other ocean cruises.

Indian Ocean Cruise Options

Major cruise lines and small, local operators offer a variety of different cruises, so you can choose exactly what you want your Indian Ocean cruise experience to be. Some travelers want to view the ocean from onboard the ship, while others want a more intimate, personalized experience. Cruisers who want to swim, dive, and snorkel from the ship, can do all that and much more. Smaller vessels can sail from one island to another and dock in a secluded cove where larger ships aren't able to navigate, and you can have the option of staying in the area that interests you for a longer duration.

Islands in the Indian Ocean

Madagascar is the world's fourth largest island, and one of the most fascinating to visit. Many of the wildlife species are unique to the area and aren't found anywhere else. The beaches are beautiful and peaceful. Mauritius has sparkling, clear water, lovely beaches, and interesting landscapes in the interior of the island, including spectacular waterfalls and volcanic craters to explore. Reunion is known as being one of the top surfing destinations, and has a character completely unlike the other islands. Seychelles is the perfect island for the visitor who wants to relax on white, sandy beaches where you may be the only person on the beach.

Activities on an Indian Ocean Cruise

Some of the most, beautiful, pristine, and isolated beaches in the world are on the Indian Ocean islands. Cruisers who want to have solitude can swim and soak up the sun on a deserted beach. Divers will be astounded at the coral reefs to explore, and can swim with sting rays, sea turtles, and other species not found anywhere else. Some of the best fishing grounds in the world are in the area, so fishermen can spend their entire holiday fishing for the big catch. If you want the experience of seeing a different island everyday, you can book a tour which travels from island to island and experience incredible scenery and unusual ecosystems.

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