Kwai River Cruise Highlights

One of the best ways to explore Thailand's inland regions is through a river cruise. If you're interested to know some of a
Kwai River cruise's highlights, you've come to the right place. You will learn about the culture of this great place through the lectures given by the guides. Since the itineraries of cruise lines vary, you should check with the cruise line if you have preferences. You can start with these three destination highlights to ensure that you will have the grandest vacation ever.

Safari World

This is a large wildlife enclave, about 200 acres, that is both a marine park and zoo. At Safari Park, you can find tigers, giraffes, zebras, bears, and lions. These animals are roaming in their mini-forest. You will ride coaches to be able to see these animals. If you're interested in marine life, you can visit the Marine Park where you can see aquatic creatures like seals and dolphins. Regular shows are available featuring seals, birds, dolphins, and monkeys. You can eat at the restaurants found within the vicinity or you can also try the game shops. Shows may also change so try to visit the website of Safari World to what shows are going to be held on particular dates.

Floating Market and Rose Garden

To access the Floating Market, you will need to ride a boat to enjoy the fusion of traditional sweets, fruits, vegetables, straw hats, beverages, and many others. There is nothing to worry about when exploring the market because the local residents are quite friendly. In the area, you will not hear any boat engines since these are turned off. It's up to you if you want to stop by for some souvenirs and food. It's also typical to hear the sellers and the buyers chattering while some are asking for bargains.

At the Rose Garden, you can watch cultural shows and learn more about the heritage and culture of Thailand. The shows highlight martial arts, boxing, sword fighting, and rich pageantry. You will be able to watch the Fingernail Dance, bamboo Dance, traditional wedding ceremony, and many others.

Grand Palace and Emerald Buddha

This is a very important landmark of the city and you should include this on your travel plans. Most cruise lines visit the Grand Palace which used to be a residence of royalty. In the compound, you can also find the Royal Chapel - Wat Phra Kaeo which houses the popular Emerald Buddha. The palace has inspirational spires, golden domes, ceramic decorations, white walls, and highly decorated buildings. The temple where the Buddha is housed does not have resident monks because it only served as the royal family's personal chapel.

Thailand is truly one of the most beautiful places that you should visit. Since cruises are getting popular year after year, it's the best way to explore. Look into the Kwai River cruise highlights offered by the many cruise lines. The rates and fees may vary so it would be great if you can shop around first to get the best deals.

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