Labor Day Cruise Highlights

Labor Day Cruise could be a relaxing way to spend you Labor Day. Labor Day is a federal holiday in the United States that marks the unofficial end of summer. Many consider Labor Day a last chance to get out and enjoy summer weather while they still can. What better way to enjoy the last days of summer than to sail away to a tropical destination on a lovely Labor Day Cruise?

Labor Day Cruises to the Bahamas

The Bahamas are one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. Known for their beautiful scenery, gorgeous beaches, water sports and resorts, there is little not to like about the Bahamas. Many major cruise lines offer Labor Day Cruises to the Bahamas, lasting anywhere from 3 to 12 days. The all-inclusive packages typically include room and board, food, drinks, and many cruise activities. On Labor Day cruises, cookouts are common, in an effort to capture the spirit of the backyard barbecues that are common on Labor Day in the United States.

Labor Day Cruises to Mexico

Mexico is a very popular vacation destination in the United States. Like the Bahamas, Mexico is laden with beautiful beaches and resorts. The Mayan ruins are also a popular tourist attraction. In Mexico, there are many Labor Day Cruises available that stop at the Mayan Ruins and other popular tourist attractions. Labor Day celebrations are in full swing on board the cruise ship, with Labor Day feasts, dances and other social events. Many cruise lines provide special activities for children, including labor day crafts and parties.

Labor Day Cruises to the Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands are also a tropical paradise that Americans love to sail away to during their Labor Day Weekend. These cruises offer all of the same amenities as typical cruises, with special Labor Day parties and activities provided on board. Stopping along the way at different islands and towns where they can explore, shop, sample local cuisine or go to the beach, cruise goers will never be bored on a Virgin Island Labor Day Cruise.

Labor Day Cruises to Alaska

Alaskan Cruises are becoming increasingly popular, and some find a cruise to Alaska an appropriate way to celebrate this American holiday. Offering stunning views of Alaska's magnificent landscapes and glaciers, Alaskan cruises also offer great food and accommodations. Most Alaskan cruises come with tour guides who are savvy regarding Alaskan culture, history, and wildlife. Alaskan National Parks are among some of the most beautiful in the world. An Alaskan cruise is a memorable way to spend any Labor Day Weekend.

No matter where you wish to travel to for your Labor Day weekend, you are sure to find a cruise experience that fits your needs. The destinations mentioned in this article are just a few that offer great cruises over the Labor Day holiday. Call your travel agent or research online for more information.

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