Ljssel River Cruise Highlights

lJssel River is one of the captivating bodies of water of The Netherlands. It is sometimes called Gelderse lJssel to not be confused with its namesake, Hollandse lJssel. Located in the Dutch provinces of Gelderland and Overijssel, it is a significant distributary of the Rhine River. It is a lowland river, having a number of bends, and dead branches. The length of the river is approximately 125 kilometers. As what most water bodies have, the tributaries of the iJssel River include the Apeldooms Kannal on the west and the Berkel Stream on the east. 

The river iJssel flows from Westervoort, on the east of the city of Amhem and discharges into the iJsselmeer. Cable ferries are common along the river, having cars and other motorized vehicles carried from one point to the other. Road and railroad bridges are also situated across the river including the Hattem Bridge in Zwolle and the Twello Bridge near Deventer where there is a train station. A cruise along the iJssel River is capable of relaxing your mind upon seeing a combination of usual urban scenes and native Dutch municipalities. Among the amazing places the cruise passes through are the municipalities of Zutphen, Deventer, and Zwolle which are traditional nativities of The Netherlands, having structures and sights worth seeing.


A city in the province of Gelderland, and lying 30 kilometers north-east of Amhem is Zutphen. The Ijssel river passes along it, joined by the Berkel Stream on eastern bank. The city is rich in history, having merged with another Dutch city, Warnsveld and being a residence to most of the royal heirs. Zutphen is a modern city yet was recognized as the oldest city in the country. The St. Walburgis, which is one of the largest and oldest churches worldwide, finds its home here. Also worth seeing are the city's gothic buildings, the City Wall, the Berkel Tower, and the Drogenaps tower.


The city of Deventer is part of Salland region of the province of Overijssel. It is situated on the east bank of the river and having a small part on the west end. The city is not only popular for its trading road-crossing along the river, but, also for its prominent infrastructures including The Waag, The Lebuinuskerk, The Brink, The Speelgoedmuseum, and The Medieval Bergkerk.


Located 120 kilometers northeast of Amsterdam, Zwolle is a municipality and the capital city of Overijssel in The Netherlands. This place is surrounded by the Ijssel River and is known for its tending landscape. It has a hill in the suburb which is the lone piece of land that remains dry during the frequent flooding caused by the river. As a modern city, it was founded in 800 A.D. by Frissan merchants and men of the great ruler, Charlemagne. It is considered a significant part of history and an archaeologists' favorite due to indicated findings that the city has been inhabited for a long period of time. Also, well-designed buildings, large fish and cattle markets could all be found here making every visit worth it.

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