Mediterranean Sea Cruise Highlights

Mediterranean Sea cruise offers passengers a taste of everything that the southern regions of Europe have to offer. You can also visit ancient sites in the Middle East and exotic locations in North Africa. When you travel these regions on a cruise, you have the convenience of visiting several regions in a short period of time. You'll also be treated to great accommodations, dining and entertainment. Below are some of the regions you can visit on a Mediterranean sea cruise:

Southern Europe

The Mediterranean regions of Europe offer several flavors of culture and entertainment. There are numerous ports you could visit just in Europe. One of the most popular by far is the Canary Islands. The islands are a longtime favorite of British tourists for their sunny beaches and discount shopping. You'll also want to sample the distinct Canary Islands cuisine. St. Tropaz, France, is a favorite boating and vacation destination for the rich and famous. Great seafood is served in restaurants here.

The Italian island of Sicily puts visitors in touch with a vibrant Italian culture. Try some good Sicilian food and wine. Split, Croatia, is a destination for excellent Dalmatian cuisine and handcrafted goods. Last, but not least, is Greece and its many islands. Athens is the main cultural center, but each of the islands have their own fascinating cultural and archaeological sites. The Mediterranean-inspired cuisine of Greece will keep you well-filled.

The Middle East and North Africa

A cruise is a great way to tour sites sacred to Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Many companies can arrange land tours to let you see sites further inland. If you take a cruise over a major religious holiday, you might find worship services offered onboard. The Israeli port of Haifa is close to Nazareth, the site of Jesus' childhood. Ashdod offers easy access to Jerusalem. Some of the sacred sites you can visit include the Western (also known as Wailing) Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and the Dome of the Rock. North African destinations offer exotic culture and  Egypt offers opportunities to see the Sphinx and pyramids at Giza, as well as the antiquities museum in Cairo. Tunis in Tunisia is the gateway to the ancient site of Carthage.

The Onboard Experience

One of the best things about a Mediterranean cruise is the number of different lines and ships that travel to these destinations. You can travel on a mega-ship with thousands of other passengers, or try a smaller, more intimate ship. Each options has its different advantages. Regardless of the ship size, you'll have great views and opportunities to enjoy the climate.

A large ship boasts numerous activities for passenger interests, several dining options, lively entertainment and children's activities. A smaller ship offers a different experience. Activities are more likely to be centered on the destinations. Often, there's one main dining room with flexible seating. Smaller ships are less likely to have kids' activities and more likely to encourage families with older kids to book.

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