Po River Cruise Highlights

For many years now, many have delightfully indulged into a cozy and exemplary way of relaxation, which is to go on a cruise. It has undeniably a lot of unique features among the many activity there is. A person who has the resources in enjoying a cruise can certainly authenticate this information. One good place to cruise in is the Po River in Italy. It has a lot of scenic views and rich culture to offer to its visitors.

Venice, Italy

Venice is often the destination of a Po River Cruise. Known for being one of the World's romantic cities, it is but exciting and fascinating to see and experience the beauty of it while sailing. There is a wide array of stop over that you may enjoy when cruising in Venice such as the visit to Parma, the home of Parmesan cheese. It is also a great place to watch an opera and view different paintings and sculptures. Once here, you may take a ride in gondola through its famous canals then take pleasure in eating a scrumptious meal in a small café there. Oftentimes, when you book into a Po River Cruise package, you get to enjoy a lot of discounts as much as 40% off. This is way better than to plan your own itinerary and spend much more money with it. Hotels are included in a package tour, which allows every visitor to feel more comfortable while enjoying their travel. A tour guide is also part of every package and is a great means of learning and gaining more knowledge in every place that you visit than you can find on your own.

7-day Po River Cruise

Since a cruise is not just concentrating on sailing and transferring from one city to another, a good 7-day cruise is enough for you to perfectly appreciate the beauty of nature. An itinerary such as this can certainly contemplate on every details of the tour.

During day 1 of the most common Po River Cruise package, passengers are expected to embark on the cruise ship and depart to Quay of the 7 martyrs. It is also when the crews of the ship are introduced to the passengers during the welcome cocktail. On day 2, there is an optional visit to the islands of Burano, where you can see the beautiful lace manufactured here and in Murano where you can discover the ancient methods of glass blowing. For your day 3 cruise, you are given the whole morning to grasp at the beautiful city of Venice and sail in the afternoon through the lagoon of Venice until you reach the fishing town of Taglio di Po. You may enjoy your breakfast in the wonderful Adriatic sea while on cruise during day 4. There is also an optional visit to Padova in the afternoon. Many romantic passengers would surely love day 5 of their cruise. Primarily because it is when you will visit Verona, the setting where the famous story of Romeo and Juliet took place. A sightseeing tour in Mantova covers your day 6. There you can discover the Duke palace and be well informed about it. Your 7th day marks the last day of the tour thus after breakfast, you may already embark and feel the delight and satisfaction within you.

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