Sea of Cortez Cruise Highlights

A Sea of Cortez cruise offers an experience for those who prefer a more laid-back, relaxed atmosphere than what is found in most of the Mexican Riviera. These cruises are ideal for wildlife watchers. The Sea of Cortez has a number of uninhabited islands that allow wildlife species to thrive. Numerous birds, tropical fish, dolphins, and sea lions make this their home. Whale watchers are in for a real treat on one of these cruises. Blue and gray whales are commonplace here. The area has has lots of snorkeling and swimming opportunities, as well as other watersports. The prime snorkeling spots have a number of underwater caves.

The various cruise lines vary as to how many nights their Sea of Cortez cruises are. Most Sea of Cortez cruises average 7 nights. However, some longer cruises take 10 nights and take in other popular Riviera spots, including Ensenada and Puerto Vallerta. Regardless of the length of your cruise, you're assured of seeing some true scenic beauty. Here are the top three destinations for Sea of Cortez cruise visitors:

Laz Paz

La Paz is one of Baja's most attractive historic cities, and has a lovely seaside promenade. The warm, sunny climate makes this city a good place to visit at any time of year. The city enjoys a unique cooling wind during the nighttime in summer months. La Paz offers some great dining with many of the restaurants on the waterfront, as well as dancing in a festive atmosphere. Open-air marketplaces offer favorite Mexican handicrafts. Sea kayaking and snorkeling are some of the favorite sports here, as well as sport fishing. La Paz is a great place to enjoy the area's historical atmosphere, as well as the fascinating sea life.

Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is a great place to enjoy the area's resort atmosphere. Several world-class golf resorts are located in the area. Sports fishing enthusiasts will be pleased with the numbers of marlin and other fish that are found in the local water. Tournaments are held on a regular basis throughout the year. Several of the beaches in the Cabo area are relatively secluded. A popular sight on the waterfront is the rock arch found at Land's End. Crafters that you can watch at work include glassmakers and painters.

Copper Canyon

Copper Canyon is a popular destination and is reachable by means of Topolobampo. It is located in the Sierra Madre range. The Tarahumara tribe has made this canyon area their home for centuries. Many of them still live in their traditional cliff dwellings. Copper Canyon is actually made up of 20 different canyons. The terrain is very similar to that of the Grand Canyon. In terms of size, Copper Canyon is 7 times larger than the Grand Canyon. The easiest way to see the wonders the canyons have to offer are by one of several train tours that are available.

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