Tasman Sea Cruise Highlights

Tasman Sea cruises are ideal for cruise passengers with a desire to see a lot in little time. The Tasman Sea offers a lot of beautiful wildlife and rugged cliffs and rock formations. The Tasman Sea is becoming a major area of interest for eco-tourism. One of the sites featured as a part of most Tasman cruises is Port Arthur, a former penal colony and one of Australia's top attractions. These cruises are ideal for visitors interested in seeing Australia's natural areas and for fans of day cruising.

Most cruises in the Tasman Sea are day cruises, lasting anywhere from 3 hours to a full day. Many of them include Port Arthur or offer it as an option. Along with Port Arthur, the top attractions include two national parks. These attractions provide plenty of reasons why a Tasman Sea cruise might be an ideal option for you and your family. one of these cruises offers a nice bit of refreshment without a long time commitment.

Port Arthur

This former penal colony was built in the early 1800's. The historic site is one of Australia's most popular attractions, and rumored to be haunted. Its impressive stone buildings were constructed by the convicts that the colony housed. The homes that the prison staff lived in have been restored, and many still have well-tended gardens. The historic site's staff is well-equipped to handle ordinary tourists groups, as well as school and cruise groups. Port Arthur hosts a number of good restaurants in order to keep up with the growing tourist trade. Their are also accommodations found in the area for visitors.

Tasman Peninsula National Park

The park has some dramatic-looking sea cliffs that provide nice nesting areas for raptor species such as sea eagles and wedge-tailed eagles. One of the best ways to get a good look at the cliffs is as you're approaching by boat. Other bird species include swift parrots, terns, gannets, honeyeaters, and robins. Animal species commonly seen include possums, fur seals, and penguins. If you're a diver, you'll find the water quite satisfactory. Another highlight of the park is that it's the only home to three flower species known as euphrasias. Camping is a popular activity here.

Tasmanian Devil Conservation Park

This park is part of a wildlife preservation effort by the Australian government. They significantly contribute to helping to save the threatened Tasmanian Devil, an often feared and misunderstood species. Visitors can watch the devils feeding about four times a day, a sight that's unusual due to the fact that the species in mainly nocturnal. It's possible to walk through the park and meet wallabies and kangaroos. The wallabies are very friendly and relish the attention. Several parrots live at the park that delight visitors with clever tricks.  A free-flight presentation is offered that allows visitors to see falcons in flight. A cafe is offered on-site that has good meals, several types of coffee, and a good selection of wines.

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