Apia Port Guide

Apia Port is located at the northern area of the island of Upolo in the Samoan Islands. The Apia port serves as an important trade gateway for Samoa. Apia port of call is the foremost trading port that handles at least 97% of all foreign trade in the country. Vital economic activities for the survival of the island depend on imports and transportations by sea. 

Apia, founded in the 1850s, is the capital city of the State of Samoa. Natural settings and wonders create the island to be a tropical destination for tourists; especially during the summer months. The Apia Cruise terminal becomes even quite hectic at this time of year.  Cruise vessels flock to the docks in addition to the steady inflow of numerous cargo ships that regularly dock and for trading with the island. 

The Apia cruise port connects Samoa with other nearby nations including New Zealand, Australia and even Japan; it services passing cargo vessels and cruise ships. Originally a small fishing village, Apia is now a fast growing commercial port. Major exports and imports include fish, copra (coconut oil), cotton goods, meats and sugar. 


In a city as vibrant as Apia, shopping destinations spring up in every corner of the city. Souvenir items such as handcrafted sculptures, jewelry and woodcarvings are the most popular items for sale in souvenir shops around the island. The Treasure Box at Chandra House boasts of a broad band of selections of jewelry and watches that are not duplicated anywhere in Samoa. The Pacific Jewell Gift Shop and Gallery is also a great place to buy uniquely designed jewelry. 

Other stores to visit are the AQM, Farmer Joe, the Body Shop and Lynn’s Supermarket. 

Things to See

A variety of activities are available for visitors while in  the city of Apia; activities include water parks, casinos, day tours and family attractions. The Museum of Samoa located in Vaitele Street shows various displays of local arts created by artisans in the city. It also highlights the history of the island through artifacts and sculptures crafted centuries ago. Other places to visit are the Mailelani, Cocktails on the Rocks and the Laumei Faiaga. 

A good way to spend the vacation in Apia is to go on a Samoa Scenic Tour that will take you to the breathtaking sights and natural wonders of Apia. From the Falefa Falls to the Piula Cave Pool, the scenery is something worth seeing and remembering. 

Restaurants and Bars

A tropical destination, the nightlife in Apia is awake and booming every night. Restaurants come alive as well in producing well-cooked menus that are filled with Samoan and Pacific culture. Tropical fruits usually adorn the dishes of Samoa. One of the restaurants that offer steaks and seafood pasta is the Apaula Heights Restaurant. Tropical ambiance is also a part of the service of the restaurant. Other restaurants are the Paddles Restaurants, Kokobanana, Giordano’s Pizzeria and Cappuccino Vineyard. For some night scenes and nightlife the DeAl Restaurant and Zodiac are the places to see. 










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